About Us

Presently, our Coffee distribution goes out to various parts of Gauteng, Kwa-zulu Natal and Mpumulanga. It competes primarily based our eco-friendly and energy efficient roasting and packaging processes, which reduces our turnaround time. Our future plans include developing our product range in the next 18 months and becoming HCCAP Certified to be a prominent roastery in South Africa.

The Market

We define our market as quality beverage consumption. The total market size was approximately 200tons in 2013, and is expected to grow by 10tons yearly.  We currently hold 0.25% of this market and believe we can capture 5% of it by 2018.  Some of our most notable customers are Cargo Motors, Unitrans, Club Motors Fountains BMW, Telkom Business Mobile, Corner café, café Destifano and various other facilities.

Competitive Comparison

We compete directly with commercial coffee roasters in South Africa. The price of their Gourmet roasted beans vary between R220 and R400 per KG. Our product is unique because it is roasted to order and we only use AAA grade Arabica Beans. We have a competitive advantage because of our low production cost, fresh products and excellent service. Our Gourmet roasted beans currently sell at R240.00 per KG.  We anticipate new companies to enter this market.


The greatest risks associated with our business today are not having the relevant accreditation associated with the requirements of the corporate landscape in South Africa. We feel we can overcome these risks because of the opportunities coffee café has attained with large supplier groups and our only obstacle being accreditation. This comes in the form of the HCCAP Audit.  

Management Team

Eric Walker Matthew serves as Chief Manager and Chief Executive Officer.  With more than 34 years of corporate experience in sales, marketing, management and long-term care, Mr. Matthews is a visionary.

Shaun Marias is the Chief Marketing Officer who has over 8 years experience in the Marketing and Business analyst field, and over ten years of sales, marketing and management experience.  Mr. Marais will be joined by professionals in the Food Audit and systems development industries.


Our objectives are as follows:

  1. Complete upgrade of Production Facilities by March30, 2017.
  2. Acquire HCCAP Certification and FSA Audit by April 30, 2018.
  3. To have a strong online sales presence by February 28, 2017